Which VPNs Give The Most Bang For Your Buck?

As with most online services, a free VPN carries a number of caveats. Too many, perhaps, that it defeats the whole idea of having a VPN at all. But what about low-cost VPNs?

When it comes to VPNs, price is often just relative to the service you’re getting. Sure, there are some overpriced offerings that charge a premium for a limited number of servers and not-so-great speeds, but there are also those that give you a host of great features for a good price.

Our reviews measure cost-effectiveness relatively. Prices are always relative, anyway, and any number of events can jack VPN prices up or drop them down low. Hence we benchmark VPN prices against other services that offer a similar set of features, to determine how much bang they give for your buck.

Still, there are a few services that just stand out for offering premium services at low prices. These are the gems we are looking for, and many of these deservedly made it to our top VPNs list. These are services that allow access to a wide number of fast servers in lots of locations, and also offer great coverage across multiple platforms, devices, and protocols. Of course, there’s streaming sites unblocking and torrent-friendly policies too, all without the bank-breaking fees! We thoroughly test the services as well to check if there are any downsides to the affordable prices, so we can offer you a well-balanced review of pros, cons, and price.