Which VPN Service Has Your Back?

While most VPN apps are easy to use (being launch-and-click affairs), there are times when you could really get stuck. This is especially true when trying to get the VPN to work with unusual devices, such as a game console or a smart TV, or maybe a router. In that case, how do you get help?

Google and YouTube are the usual first responders, but you’re probably going to end up with a host of unrelated results (plus a lot of advertising — any search string with “VPN” in it is a magnet for SEO!). So why not contact your VPN provider instead?

That is, if they provide a good means of support. In our reviews, we always look at the different methods VPN companies offer assistance to their subscribers. Some of them, for example, offer the usual email/ticket system, which leaves you waiting for about a day (or two… or more…) to get a reply. The better ones have 24/7 chat support, and there are even those that offer them in multiple languages. At the top of the tier are those that offer phone support, no matter how limited. While many still prefer to chat, phone support is still the most personal and the most emblematic of customer service, so it’s really good there are VPN services that offer that option.

When looking at support, we take into account queue times and response times. You wouldn’t want to be waiting too long with an exposed Internet connection, especially if you’re paying a good sum for the service! We also look at Help Center content, for self-help options. The best option will still be to have answers at the tip of your fingers, instead of having someone else provide it to you.

This metric in our review is intertwined with our ratings on ease of use — an unusually long response time can be offset by a very stable and very user friendly interface, that doesn’t leave much need for customer support anyway. Of course, the golden standard will be those few services that offer top-notch apps and top-notch service across all the platforms and devices that they cover!