How to Disable Teredo on Windows

Teredo is Windows’ solution to the IPv6 compatibility issues that plague many devices. It aims to improve the compatibility between IPv4 and IPv6 by allowing the latter’s addresses to be understood by IPv4 connections. This is done by creating its own tunnel, which can conflict with VPN tunnels. Because Teredo is Microsoft’s own software, it can even take priority and cause your DNS queries to be sent without encryption.

Thankfully, Teredo can be easily disabled. Here’s how:

STEP 1. From the Start button or the Search bar on your taskbar, search for Command Prompt. Open it, and type the following string:

netsh interface teredo set state disabled

Then press the Enter key.

STEP 2. Teredo should be disabled now. Re-run the DNS leak test to check if you’re still having privacy issues.

Note that disabling Teredo can sometimes cause websites to go wonky on your browser. This isn’t a common occurrence and isn’t really a deal-breaker, so it’s okay to trade this for the privacy and anonymity that VP