Changing your DNS Settings on MacOS

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your device’s DNS settings to Google’s Public DNS servers. These servers are known for being both fast and safe, and despite the service being Google, routing your DNS queries to these servers do not really have an appreciable impact on your browsing privacy.

Here’s how to change your device DNS settings on MacOS.

STEP 1. Open the System Preferences app from Finder, and select Network.

STEP 2. You will see your network adapters appear as a list on the left panel of your window. Look for the one with a green dot — this is the adapter in use by your current connection. Click it, then click Advanced on the lower-right.

STEP 3. Select the DNS tab. The left side of the screen will now list all the DNS servers the device is currently using. To add to them, click on the + icon on the bottom-left of the list.

STEP 4. Type then press Enter. Doing so will replace the original DNS server that appeared on the list when you first opened the window. Click the + icon once more, and enter Press Enter, and your addition of Google’s DNS servers should now be complete. In case you want to try other DNS servers, you can check out this list here.

STEP 5. Exit the app, then run a DNS leak test again to make sure your VPN leak has been plugged.

Note that while this is better than letting your DNS queries go through your ISP, it’s still not the best solution.The ideal is still to get a VPN service that has its own logs-free DNS server. The top VPN providers all offer this feature and a lot more, so take time to browse around our site for VPN reviews!