Changing your DNS Settings on iOS

In this tutorial, we will show you how to change your device’s DNS settings to Google’s Public DNS servers. These servers are known for being both fast and safe, and despite the service being Google, routing your DNS queries to these servers do not really have an appreciable impact on your browsing privacy.

Here’s how to change your device DNS settings on iOS.

STEP 1. Open your Settings app.

STEP 2. Tap WiFi. On the right side of the network you are connected to, you will see a small information icon (the blue i). Tap this icon.

STEP 3. Look for the DNS section, then tap Configure DNS. This is set by default to Automatic. Set it to Manual, then tap Add Server. Enter, then hit Save.

STEP 4.  Exit from Settings, and try another DNS leak test to see if the issue has been patched up.

Note that while this is better than letting your DNS queries go through your ISP, it’s still not the best solution.The ideal is still to get a VPN service that has its own logs-free DNS server. The top VPN providers all offer this feature and a lot more, so take time to browse around our site for VPN reviews!